Our Team

Cristina Carreras
de cero | ¡HELLOTACOS!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work! Two heads are always better than one to bring more ideas, working in harmony and helping each other to achieve mutual goals.


For the last five years, I’ve been moving around the USA, from Puerto Rico to Chicago, Oregon, Washington and Massachusetts, with my fiancé who is a chef, exploring different cuisine and running restaurants together.


I believe that the commitment, dedication, and passion for this industry has taught me to learn from each mistake and accept them in order to improve next time. An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.


“Be good, do good things, try as hard as you can” -Michael Muser

Olga Benitez
de cero | ¡HELLOTACOS!

I moved here from New York City to study at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I had every restaurant job imaginable to pay my way through school. 16 years later the service industry has become a passion of mine Hospitality has never felt like job, it is merely the extension of my own living room.

Rosemarie Gonzalez
de cero | ¡HELLOTACOS!

Hospitality is an ongoing industry with many different venues. I have worked in a few throughout my life. It is safe to say that customer service has been my life. My experiences have led me to now consider myself a teacher, a facilitator and a leader among other things.


I worked in the hotel industry in Puerto Rico for many years before moving back to Chicago and that experience has helped me become the person I am today. The passion for service is something that you are born with. Knowing that something I have done has impacted anyone in a positive way is something so powerful and so satisfying that it gives me the energy to continue everyday wanting to make things happen – to make a difference.


Anatole France said: “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.” I believe that we are a great team and that we are accomplishing awesome things everyday.

Audrey Cornwell
de cero | ¡HELLOTACOS!

Spending my childhood on farms while my mother trained horses, gave me a hard-working attitude.


I moved to Chicago after graduating from high school to pursue college, with a specialization in sociology. In the midst of my college career, I began working in restaurants and I loved the amount of interaction with people.


Now that I am working at de cero | ¡HELLOTACOS!, I’m able to use my passion for this industry every day to create the best experience for each guest.

Sarah McDaniel
Grange Hall | The Backdoor Saloon

Tommy Van Arsdale
Grange Hall Burger Bar