Our Team

Cristina Carreras
Operations Manager
de cero | ¡HELLOTACOS!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work! Two heads are always better than one to bring more ideas, working in harmony and helping each other to achieve mutual goals.


For the last five years, I’ve been moving around the USA, from Puerto Rico to Chicago, Oregon, Washington and Massachusetts, with my fiancé who is a chef, exploring different cuisine and running restaurants together.


I believe that the commitment, dedication, and passion for this industry has taught me to learn from each mistake and accept them in order to improve next time. An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.


“Be good, do good things, try as hard as you can” -Michael Muser

Sarah McDaniel
Floor Manager
Grange Hall | The Backdoor Saloon

Audrey Cornwell
Floor Manager
de cero | ¡HELLOTACOS!

Spending my childhood on farms while my mother trained horses, gave me a hard-working attitude.


I moved to Chicago after graduating from high school to pursue college, with a specialization in sociology. In the midst of my college career, I began working in restaurants and I loved the amount of interaction with people.


Now that I am working at de cero | ¡HELLOTACOS!, I’m able to use my passion for this industry every day to create the best experience for each guest.

Samantha Nicodemus
Floor Manager
de cero | ¡HELLOTACOS!

I love to work in places where there is thought and consideration in every step of the dining experience.


I celebrate my team’s contribution into creating a festive atmosphere. By creating a family atmosphere in the workplace, I find that guests feel the warmth and joy as soon as they step through the doorway.


I love to create a community where flavor, creativity, and craftsmanship are championed.

Tommy Van Arsdale
Floor Manager
Grange Hall Burger Bar